As an entrepreneur, trusting your instincts and integrating your creativity and personality into your business are not just strategies; they are essential components that drive innovation and connection.

In this week’s episode of the Social Media Takeaway, I had the pleasure of chatting with Tuesday Whitfield, owner of Willowbrook Glamping & Hideaways. We explored how her unique approach to business has not only shaped a distinctive brand but also created a vibrant community around it. Tuesday shared how her commitment to being genuine and creative has enabled her to overcome challenges and make a positive impact on her family business.

Here are Tuesday’s 3 important key takeaways:

Be True to Yourself

Tuesday emphasized the importance of being authentic and true to oneself, especially in the context of running a business that is deeply personal, like hers. She shared her story of reinventing herself by choosing a name that felt more suited to her, reflecting a larger theme of embracing personal transformation and self-expression. Authenticity isn’t just about personal integrity; it’s also smart business. By being genuine, she attracts customers who share her values and appreciate the inclusive, creative atmosphere she cultivates at Willowbrook. For Tuesday, living and working authentically means her business is a direct extension of her identity and principles.

Trust Your Instincts

Tuesday stressed the importance of trusting your instincts when managing a business closely tied to personal values and creativity. She explained that while not every idea or event turns out successful, the confidence to follow her instincts has been key to making decisions that align with her vision. Trusting these instincts isn’t just about business operations—it’s also about creating a space that reflects your identity and values, ensuring it resonates well with the right clientele.

Bringing Creativity and Personality to Your Business

Tuesday Whitfield discussed the importance of bringing creativity and personal authenticity into her business. She highlighted how using her personality to shape the business has helped distinguish it in the market. For example, she named yurts in a unique way and hosted diverse events that reflect her creative vision. Her guests can stay in yurts such as “Yurty Ahern,” “Yurt Cobain,” and “Yurty and the Tramp”! This approach has not only made her business unique but also attracted customers who share similar values and interests. I believe that incorporating personal creativity into a business not only sets it apart but also strengthens connections with clients.