The Chalet

Retail Growth

Increased retail sales by 1212%

Increase in Bookings

Increased bookings by 116% overall. Client struggled to fill the appointments last year, since working with us they filled 90% of the spaces of a main event within 40 minutes

Increase in Booking Value

Increased booking value by 35%


Increase in Retail Sales


Increase in Bookings


Increase in Booking Value

The Starting Point

We started working with the Chalet, a skin, laser and beauty clinic based in Carlow run by four sisters last October. Stephanie, Lorraine, Amy, and Kelie are an absolute pleasure to work with. We love their enthusiasm, work ethic, and openness to trying new tactics.

The Strategy

Essentially our client wanted to focus on their high-ticket (more expensive) treatments and decided to outsource to us to help generate results. The ladies were busy doing what they specialize in and we joined their team as their digital marketing champions! Before working with us, they had significant booking availability they wanted to fill but were struggling with where to start. We worked with our client to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.


  • Developed clear core brand messages
  • Optimized clients online store for sales and bookings
  • Developed a social media content strategy
  • Created branded social media content including branded graphics, videos, reels, and TikToks
  • Ran paid promotions on Facebook & Instagram
  • Rolled out consistent email marketing campaigns

We implemented this strategy in a consistent manner week in and week out to grow sales and bookings steadily, encourage repeat business and maximize return on investment.


Laser, skin & brow treatments:
  • Up 116% on bookings
  • Up 1212% on retail
  • Up 314% on attendance
  • Up 35% on value of facials from last year
  • Retail is up 153%
  • Rebook rate 44% with another 44% to confirm bookings.
  • Last year was 64% but higher value this year with  more treatments booked in this year.

Our Agency

Outsource to the social media experts.

Work with a team of experts that have an in-depth understanding of how to run social media paid and organic campaigns.

Businesses that outsource their Social Media Management to us see measurable, near-instant results, empowering them to make more informed ad-spend decisions on future campaigns.