Social Media Management Agency

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Social Media Management Agency

We believe that a consistent, engaging organic social media presence raises brand awareness which in turn generates sales and leads. Our team will be responsible for building an impactful social media plan optimised to engage your core audience.

Content Planning:

Generating growth and engagement for your social media channels through impactful social media content

Posting & Scheduling:

Sharing social media content consistently and at optimal times for your audience

Community Management:

Engaging with social media content and responding to customer/client queries


Designing a range of graphic and video assets to visually improve social media presence

Paid Advertising

Running paid promotions across Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, and Tiktok

Email Marketing

Communicating with your warmest audiences using best practices in email marketing

Paid Advertising overview

Instead of seeing paid advertising as a cost, consider it as an investment. Our team will be responsible for running effective paid ads where results are quantified and measured.

Budget Optimisation:

Determine an ad spend that is suitable for your business

Analysing and Tracking:

We set up ad tracking systems or review existing set up to ensure ads are optimised to achieve the best results. We monitor and adjust as necessary.

Audience creation:

Creating audiences that align with your target market including demographic targeting as well as re-targeting of warmer prospects


Designing a range of assets to be used across paid advertising. This includes graphics and video creation

PAID social media platforms

Paid Advertising Campaigns can be run across multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok in line with business and organisational goals

What our Clients say

My eCommerce sales have increased by 59% year on year since working with SellOnSocial.Media Agency. This is due to their expertise in Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Social Media Content, and Email Marketing.

Marie O Brien

Founder, Personaliseit.ie

LEO Mayo has worked with SellOnSocial.Media Agency for a number of years for social media content and ad management services. They have helped us consistently reach our target audience through organic and paid campaigns.

Nicola Kennedy

Senior Enterprise Development Officer , LEO Mayo

If I compare the six months I’ve been working with SellOnSocial.Media Agency with the six month previous, I can say that sales that come to us through social media have increased by 56%.

Niamh Hogan

Founder, Holos Skincare