10 Tips to Maximise Your Post Reach on Social Media

by | Apr 7, 2022 | blog

How you present your content on social media can have a big impact on organic reach.  All social media platforms have algorithms that control content distribution.  Algorithms favour content that has achieved engagement within a short time of being published.  Think of “engagement” (likes, comments, views, clicks) as votes for your content.

Here are some pointers to consider every time you post:


  1.   Think about the day and time of day to publish your post.   Your audience needs to be there, but they also need to have time to engage
  2.   Post eye-catching graphics.  The aim of the image is to stop them as they scroll!
  3.   Use a combination of short (reel style) videos, single images, and carousel posts
  4.   Post with purpose – make sure your post has a purpose behind it and that you are not posting just for the sake of it or because it has been a few weeks since your last one
  5.   Include direct product links to anything you post about which is available online or tell people how they can purchase it – make the buying decision easy for people instead of having them look all over for a product
  6.   Only include weblinks in posts if necessary
  7.   Mix up your content between awareness posts, consideration, sales, and advocate content
  8.   Think carefully about your post description – this will have a big impact on whether people engage or not.
  9.   Give your audience one call to action and one direction to follow
  10.   Use hashtags to reach new people

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