Google Chrome extensions are software programs that can be installed on the Google Chrome web browser to enhance its functionality and customize the browsing experience, adding new functionalities such as blocking ads, capturing screenshots, translating web pages, managing passwords, or improving productivity with to-do lists and note-taking tools. Here are our top 4 Favourite Google Chrome Extensions
1. Google My Business Categories, are a predefined list of categories that help describe the nature of a business or organization. The Google my Business everywhere extension, is a great way to help show you what google business categories other pages are using. It is also beneficial in allwoing you to keep an eye on your competitors.
2. The Google Tag Assistant extension assists users in validating and troubleshooting the implementation of various tags on a website. Users can ensure that tags such as Google Analytics, Google Ads conversion tracking, and other tracking codes are correctly installed and functioning as intended.
3. The Whatfont browser extension is helpful tool for identifying desired fonts that you may come across on any website. By simply hovering over the text you are interested in, whatfont unveils the font’s name, size, and style. Making it convenient to quickly discover and gather details about the fonts used on various web pages.
4. The ColorPick browser extension tool allows you to effortlessly access colors you encounter on specific webpages with just a simple click. By clicking on a color on the webpage, ColorPick captures and presents the corresponding color’s hexadecimal code (commonly used in web design) or other color code formats.