Here are 6 ways new exciting Canva Features!

Since hosting their second Canva Create event to date A Brand New Era, Canva have launched more exciting new features. These new features will help you generate, collaborate, maintain and share all your content making content creation easier.

1. Brand Hub. Makes it easier for you and your team to access your business’ logos, colours and fonts as it is now stored altogether.

Adding or changing ALT text on Facebook
2. Sync Soundtrack. Save time on your tiktoks or reels by automatching your soundtrack/audio to your video by using the new beat sync.
Adding or changing ALT text on twitter
3. Text to Image. This new feature gives you the opportunity to create any image/graphic you would like that you are not able to find in stock images through anything you can describe.


Adding Alt text on the Meta Business Suite
4. QR Code. You can share your business website, promotional code or even a link to your latest campaign by adding your customsied QR code to any graphic or image.
Adding Alt Text on LinkedIn
5. Translator. This new tool allows you to translate any text to your desired langage with multiple options.
Adding Video Captions on LinkedIn
6. Magic Write. This feature guides you in your creative process by turning a simple text prompt into a first draft, brainstorming with Al suggestions.
Adding Video Captions on Instagram

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