Blaithin Dooley Nutrition

Online Coaching

Launched and filled an online coaching programme.

Optimised Social Media

Increased social media engagement by 159%

Advanced Email Marketing

Increased clients email subscriber list by 70%


Social Media Engagement


Email Subscribers

The Starting Point

Our client was launching a new business as a Emotional Eating Coach. She had no social media presence, no website and was unclear of her marketing messages. She was lacking in confidence and was unsure of how to get started.

The Strategy

We worked with our client to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. We created a lead magnet (an ebook) which would appeal to her target audience, developing a social media content strategy, and ran paid promotions on Facebook and Instagram with the aim of growing leads for Blaithin’s new online coaching programme. An automated email sequence was used to nurture the leads and to drive sales for the online coaching programme.


  • Built a brand board for client including brand colours, fonts and logos
  • Established core messages of brand (qualified, empathetic, results orientated, trust/empathy)
  • Curated an aesthetically pleasing look and feel for IG grid and prepped 12-15 posts (4-6 weeks of content) in advance
  • Created lead magnet ‘5 Steps to Overcoming Emotional Eating’
  • Built landing page via Mailchimp for lead magnet downloads
  • Constructed an automated email marketing sequence to nurture leads
  • Set up performance tracking for Facebook and IG ads, this was essential for establishing the cost per lead 
  • Ran a series of brand awareness and lead generation ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • Created brand story promotional video used as part of the wider campaign

Promotional Video


  • Increased social media engagement by 159%
  • Increased email subscribers by 70%
  • Launched and filled an online coaching programme.
  • Gained confidence to use social media effectively to gain new leads and customers.

“Working with Louise and her team has helped me increase my presence on social media. My following on Facebook and Instagram have grown, and email subscribers has grown by 70%. The lead magnet sales funnel they implemented for me assisted me to launch and fill my first online coaching programme.”

Blaithin Dooley

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Sales Funnel Package

For Service Professionals

This package is for businesses offering professional services like Blaithin that wish to use social media to generate sales leads. We will work with you to create a high quality sales funnel that will elevate your business to the next level.