Louise McDonnell

Social media marketer

I am the founder of Sell On Social Media Academy, an online social media training platform with over 250 members from every corner of the globe.
I am a three times best selling Author (Facebook Marketing, The Essential Guide, 2021 Social Media Planner & Guide, 2022 Social Media Planner & Guide).

For over a decade, I have helped businesses and non-profits leverage social media’s power to drive growth to their business. I have also taught 20,000 people how to strategically use Social Media to drive consistent business growth.

I employ a team of social media professionals who I have trained to use my 6-step system which gets quantifiable results for businesses fast.

Anna Clarke

Social media marketer

Anna initially went to university to study primary school teaching, but after completing her degree decided to complete a Masters Degree in Digital Marketing during the Covid-19 2020 lockdown. Although learning the concept of marketing from scratch, she excelled throughout the course, resulting in a first-class honors degree and multiple certificates for winning projects.

While undertaking the masters, Anna took several free-lance digital marketing projects under her wing, including a local interior designer and a nationally recognized singer/songwriter.

Following the completion of the Master’s degree, Anna joined a Dublin-based digital marketing agency for a summer internship. She worked in unison with a team of graphic designers, SEO specialists, and PPC specialists to carry out digital marketing strategy for clients within the electronics, construction and wholesale industries. While being offered a full-time position within this company, Anna had a passion for the social media side and was then offered the position of Social Media Executive at Louise McDonnell.

Since joining the company, Anna has become an expert in the fundamentals of social media, and has helped over 200 academy members learn their social media potential through being an active support member of the Sell On Social Media Academy. During this time she has also managed social media accounts for over 20 clients, including government organizations.

Anna’s strengths include a strong eye for design, fantastic communication skills, and a think-outside-the-box approach to everyday tasks.

Lauren Coffey

Social media marketer

Lauren completed an undergraduate degree in New Media Studies at the Institute of Art, Design and Technology Dun Laoghaire (IADT). Lauren began her college experience studying English, Media and Cultural Studies for a year before realising her primary interest was in media and communications. She then went on to change to New Media Studies at the same institute and has exceeded her academic goals since. Lauren went on to graduate with a Second Class Honors, Grade 1 degree in 2022.

Lauren has always had a keen interest in the world of social media and a passion for communications, she thoroughly enjoys working in this field. Her professional background thus far has been in social media management and content creation roles. She holds a high level of proficiency in platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tik-Tok as well as editing skills in Premiere Pro and Da Vinci Resolve. She also has experience in graphic design using both Canva and Photoshop.

Throughout past media related roles, she has explored content creation through filmmaking, photography, and podcasting. In her spare time, she enjoys editing, writing, photography and consuming media-related content.


Social media marketer

Angela began her 3rd level education studying Jouralism, however she quickly learned that marketing was her passion. She completed her undergraduate degree in Business with a specialisation in Marketing in the Atlantic Technical University Sligo (ATU Sligo). Angela graduated at the top of her class with a first class honors degree.

While completing her degree, Angela completed a 6 month work placement in social media marketing with a SaaS company. After graduating, Angela worked to set up websites and social media accounts for a busy e-commerce site. Angela then moved on to work at a marketing agency where she found her passion for digital marketing. Angela worked in conjunction with marketing specialists to carry out marketing and digital marketing strategies for various clients in tourism and e-commerce sectors.

Angela has always had an interest in content creation including blog writing, videos, graphics and podcasts.