Social Media Sales Funnels

This package is for online coaches and businesses offering professional services that wish to use social media to generate sales leads.  We will work with you to create a high-quality sales funnel that will elevate your business to the next level. This package will assist you

  1. Set campaign goals
  2. Define your target audience
  3. Identify your value proposition
  4. Analyze your competitors
  5. Identify a lead magnet with the aim of growing a list of prospective customers
  6. Developing a content strategy
  7. Determining tactics and channels
  8. Establish Key Performance Indicators
  9. Implement a paid ads strategy
  10. Evaluate campaign performance.

Social media sales funnel 

What’s included?  

  • Strategy call to gain an understanding of your unique selling proposition and core messages.
  • A company brochure.
  • Lead magnet (ebook, or similar to help attract the attention of your ideal customer).
  • Landing page to capture email address
  • Automated email sequence setup
  • Facebook/Instagram Ad Tracking integrated with landing pages
  • Creation of Customer Conversions in the Facebook Ads Manager (including domain verification, and aggregated event set up).
  • Optimisation of a Facebook and Instagram Profile.
  • Set up of the Meta Business Suite for content scheduling.
  • Creation of a Brand Board to establish the palate of your social media posts.
  • Create a hashtag library for your services
  • Plan, design and schedule social media content
  • Offer a one to one training session covering Canva, the Meta Business Suite, Facebook & Instagram and how to run set up a promoted post.
  • Promotional Brand Story Video 
  • Set up and Management of Paid Promotion on Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/TikTok.  (Ad costs are not included).

The greatest benefit was the time we saved and the speed with which we gained access to our target followers and the skills we developed to maintain and engage this audience. We learnt so much from Louise and her team and we highly recommend their content and video creation services.

Sandra Nolan

Programme Manager, Empower Her

Working with Louise and Lauren at Sell on Social, is one of the best things I have done so far for my business. They helped me create my lead magnet, set up my email sequence, landing page, welcome page and ads. In the space of a month my email list grew by 95%, I booked 3 new clients into my “overcome emotional eating program”. I have a regular email newsletter and schedule for social media content. I am so excited to see my business continue to grow. I am so grateful to you both for all your help and support.

Blaithin Dooley

Emotional Eating Coach

My bookings have increased by 23% over the past 6 weeks that I have worked with Louise. I always struggled with social media, working with Sell on Social Media has given me the clarity I needed.

Maureen Lawlor

Centre Stage Academy