6 Ways to Make Social Media Posts More Inclusive  

by | Mar 2, 2023

Here are 6 ways we can make social media posts more inclusive. The good news is that when we make our posts more inclusive, we also optimize them for search by associating relevant keyword phrases with our images and videos.
1. Add Alt Text to Images.  Adding “Alt” text to images makes it possible for people 
with visual impairments to use assisted technology to understand what the image is about.  It also assists the image to be indexed for relevant search phrases which is beneficial from an search perspective. You can add Alt Text on all social media channels.     

Adding or changing ALT text on Facebook
Adding or changing ALT text on twitter
Adding Alt text on the Meta Business Suite
Adding Alt Text on LinkedIn
2. Use “camel case” for hashtags and website addresses where a capital letter is
used for the first letter in each word.  In a hashtag use, “#SocialMedia” rather than “#socialmedia”.  When writing website addresses use, www.SellOnSocial.Media 
rather than www.sellonsocial.media.
3. Limit the use of emojis.  Assisted technology applications read out the emoji’s 
assigned description and can negatively impact the user’s experience.  Avoid using emojis throughout the text, or as bullet points. 
4.Use video captions to assist people with hearing problems.  It also improves how 
the video content performs for search.


Adding Video Captions on LinkedIn
Adding Video Captions on Instagram

5. Avoid video effects which may trigger people with photosensitive epilepsy.
Flashing, flickering and unnecessary animation on videos can trigger seizures for
some users.  Elements within videos that flash more than three times in one
second should be avoided.  Alternatively seizure warnings could be included
alongside relevant video content.

6. Inclusivity is important. Consider how your brand images and videos can be more inclusive of gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation and people with disabilities.

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