Understanding the algorithm of any social media platform is crucial for social media marketing as it enables you to effectively tailor your strategies and content to maximize reach and engagement.

Here are some essential 2023 TikTok algorithm tips to keep in mind when creating your social media content:

  1. TikTok’s algorithm now places less emphasis on the number of hashtags included in captions. While adding two or three hashtags is acceptable, using excessive hashtags can be seen as spammy. The algorithm is more inclined to categorize your content based on subtitles or on-screen text.
  1. Including on-screen text at the beginning of every video with relevant search terms is a beneficial SEO practice. This text serves the purpose of assisting the algorithm in understanding the appropriate audience to serve the content to, rather than targeting individuals who land on the video directly.
  1. TikTok encourages the use of CapCut (a video editing app) or recording directly on the TikTok platform. By doing so, your content is more likely to receive a natural boost from the algorithm.
  1. The algorithm now prioritizes creators who are considered “good TikTok citizens.” This includes users who frequently engage with others’ content by liking, commenting, sharing, and following. By actively participating in these actions, users may see a direct boost in their own content as a form of reward for being an engaged and supportive member of the TikTok community.
  1. The previous stigma associated with deleting underperforming content on TikTok is no longer a concern. It is now completely acceptable to remove videos that did not perform well, as it will not have any negative impact on the views or visibility of your future content.