Have you heard of the Collaboration feature on Facebook & Instagram? 

The new feature allows two accounts to jointly create posts, Videos and Reels, effectively doubling their reach to each collaborator’s followers. This feature opens the door for unique, creative content that leverages the audiences of both collaborators, thus expanding your brand’s reach. However, using this feature effectively requires a strategic approach. Here are four ways to harness the collaboration feature on Facebook and Instagram.

1. Find the Right Partner: Collaborate with influencers, creators, or even other brands whose values align with yours and who have a complementary audience. A successful collaboration should be mutually beneficial and interesting to both parties’ followers.

2. Create Unique, Co-Branded Content: The collaboration should lead to content that is uniquely valuable. Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes look, a joint product launch, or an educational series, ensure the content is something your audience can’t get elsewhere.

3. Promote Across Platforms: While the collaboration feature is specific to Facebook and Instagram, don’t limit your promotion to these platforms. Share teasers, trailers, and updates on all your social media platforms to maximize reach and anticipation.

4. Measure Your Success: Use analytics to measure the success of your collaboration. Look at metrics such as engagement rates, follower increase, and click-through rates. This will help you understand what works and what doesn’t for future collaborations.

The Collaboration Feature is a great way to engage with your Social Media Audience. To learn more about engaging with your audience check out our blog post ‘Community Engagement: 6 Ways to Engage with your Social Media Audience‘.