13 Ways to Boost Your Online Sales

by | Jan 24, 2023

The average conversation rate on an eCommerce store is 3%-4%. It’s important to pay attention to conversion rates especially if you are using paid ads. Sometimes an ad is working perfectly fine, but the website is not converting visitors into customers. Here are 13 ways to boost online product sales.

  • Are the images on your website good enough?

  • Are there enough images?

  • Is the product description good enough? Does it compel the reader to take action? What would you say to a potential customer to convince them your product is the best option for them. 

  • Have you included product reviews? Including product reviews as part of the product description is an effective way to increase conversion rates on your website.

  • Use apps like Trustpilot to automate the process of getting product reviews. This helps consumers that don’t know your brand trust you.

  • What is the mobile experience like? Remember most people clicking from a social media Ad are mobile users. Do test purchases on different devices to test the mobile shopping experience.

  •  Is your website slow to load? If your website is too slow to load, people will click the back button… 

  • Does your website look secure. If people don’t feel it’s safe they will not purchase. Check your SSL cert is in place and up to date. Missing images, poor quality images, spelling mistakes, poor formatting, and deviating from brand colours will all impact on the users impressions about the business. 

  • Do you look like a real business? Include your address, a contact email, returns policy etc.. The more people trust you the more likely they are to purchase.

  •  Are your products good enough? How do they compare in price to similar products? If your product is more expensive, communicate why in the product description. If you’re product costs less you need to address this too.

  • Limited supply? Fear of missing out is one of the most compelling reasons people purchase. If you sold out last year…tell people.
  •  Last shipping date. Remind people of your last shipping date for key occasions like Christmas, Valentines, Mothers Day etc. This can boost sales and helps control expectations.

  • If you make any change to your website, check how it impacts conversion rates and use this to continually improve performance.