Our Success Stories: PersonaliseIt.ie

We assisted Irish gift company PersonaliseIt increase online revenue by 59%.

The Starting Point

Our client runs a very successful retail business in County Mayo. They wanted to develop a digital marketing strategy which would grow the business through online sales. Before engaging our services, the client had a low conversion rates on their website and a scatter gun approach to social media and email marketing. They were not using any online paid ads.


– Web Optimisation to maximise conversion rates on the ecommerce store.

– Identified core marketing communication messages.

– Developed a content calendar to appeal to people at different stages of the customer journey.

– Ran conversion ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

– Encouraged repeat purchases through organic content, retargeting ads and email marketing campaigns.

The Strategy

We worked with our client to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This involved optimizing the online store for sales, developing a social media content strategy, running paid promotions on Facebook, Instagram and Google. We rolled out this strategy in a consistent manor week in week out to grow sales steadily, encourage repeat business and maximise return on investment.


We assisted the client get clear on her message, show up consistently and optimize her social media organic and paid activities for sales.  

Increased website conversion by 5.96%

Increased website transactions by 190%

Increased website revenue by 251%

Increased average order value by 21%

Client Feedback

In the last year, my eCommerce sales have increased by 59% year on year. Thanks to SellOnSocial.Media for all their expertise in Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Social Media Content, and Email Marketing.

Marie O’Brien


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